Dr Poul Rohleder


Dr Poul Rohleder (MA, DPhil, C.Psychol) is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist.
He has over 15 years experience of working in private and public mental health practice. He has a private practice in Mayfair central London, where he provides individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychological consultation. He also provides online psychotherapy sessions. 

Dr Rohleder provides individual psychotherapy for a wide range of 
difficulties, including:
  • ​Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Difficulties related to sexuality and gender
  • Struggles with feelings of shame and guilt
  • Low self-image and self-esteem
  • Problems with relationships and intimacy
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Difficulties with life transitions
  • Issues with migration, identity and belonging
As well as a clinician, Dr Rohleder is an academic, researcher and author. He has many years experience of teaching and training clinical psychologists and psychodynamic counsellors, and provides supervision and consultation to other health professionals. He sits on various professional committees and has contributed to the development of professional policy and guidelines. He also provides psychological consultancy to journalists and media, as well as to writers and authors.


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