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Psychological Consultation

Drawing on my clinical, teaching, scholarship and research experience, I am available for psychological consultation on the psychodynamics of human behaviour to authors, screen-writers and film-makers. This may take the form of once-off consultations, or a series of meetings, to discuss psychological aspects of your fictional characters. I can provide input on mental health issues, unconscious aspects of behaviour, interpersonal dynamics, impact of childhood experience on adult life, defensiveness, and personality traits. Fees will be agreed depending on the nature and length of consultation required. 

I have also consulted to journalists and media on matters of mental health and the psychodynamics of human behaviour. 


I am available for supervision and consultation to other professionals, on your psychodynamic work, and for reflective practice. I am also an approved Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy Supervisor with the Anna Freud Centre. Supervision sessions are also available online. Please enquire about fees for supervision, as they will depend on whether you are a trainee or qualified professional.

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